6 ways to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day

We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for all of the really important things in life, particularly, unconditional love.

Self-love is showing ourselves the same kind of respect, compassion, and kindness that we gladly extend towards others. The point is not to love yourself when someone appreciates or approves your actions, seeking reinforcement in others, but to consciously love yourself now, at this moment, regardless of circumstances.

1. Accept the you that you are today.

Accept where you are now. Striving for improvement and self-development is crucial, but at the same time further development may not be possible without understanding and accepting where you are now. It is great to have a goal in mind, but let’s also appreciate the journey that leads to achieving it.

Research into self-love shows that a healthy sense of acceptance is one of the main factors motivating us to achieve our goals.

2. Set Boundaries

Listen to yourself. Take time to listen to yourself, your thoughts and desires. This will set the tone to your day and activate the presence of love and unity with yourself.

One of the boldest acts of self-love is to appreciate time, energy, and how much you give yourself to others. Take care of yourself by setting boundaries that prioritize your well-being. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be kind and helpful to others. On the contrary, by valuing your time and energy, you gain more value in the eyes of those you want to support.

3. Do something for yourself.

Don’t forget to indulge in what fills your soul with positive energy. These are the things that drive you to function consistently at your best. Whether it’s a trip to your favorite cafe, yoga class or a walk, be sure to find time for it.

4. Create a ritual of self-love.

Self-love means loving yourself unconditionally, while self-care is about spending time doing things that make us feel better. Taking care of yourself is more of a quick-fix and repeatable solution, whereas self-love should be constant and unchanging. Rituals that focus on self-love are those that deepen your relationship with yourself.

5. Discover your spirituality.

Faith is the foundation of self-love, no matter what you believe in. Belief in something opens your soul to the beauty of trust. It builds intuition and helps you make decisions based on what you feel. Discovering your spirituality will also take you on a journey to get to know yourself, and these new thoughts, feelings and emotions will make you appreciate yourself for being truly and authentically you.

6. Take care of yourself.

Practicing self-care rituals as part of our daily routine is a way of getting to know yourself on a deeper level and deepening your love for yourself. Having quiet, mindful moments to yourself is extremely important for your well-being. Choose a ritual that appeals to you – it can be meditation, brewing coffee in the morning with awareness, or incense smudging to get rid of negative energy.

Don’t underestimate the strength and value of cultivating the relationship you have with yourself. Self-love creates trust, peace and joy.

Self-love is the key to creating healthy and lasting relationships with others – you can only love someone else if you have excess of love for yourself.

Fall in love with yourself.

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