Mindfulness over morning coffee.

Mindfulness and morning coffee – a way to practice mindfulness. Find out how to start your day with more peace and focus.

We all know we need moments to breathe during the day, but many of us cannot find the time to practice meditation on regular basis. Mindfulness can help us get there. Use your morning coffee as a mindfulness practice – it’s a great way to incorporate mindfulness into your day without adding one more thing that we “should” be doing and that we are not doing. We can make almost any activity mindful by simply focusing our attention and awareness on what we are doing at the moment. It is practicing this that regularly builds up and strengthens our mindfulness “muscle”.

How is mindfulness different from meditation?

Mindfulness and meditation are mirror images: mindfulness supports and enriches meditation, while meditation nurtures and broadens mindfulness. The difference is subtle, but so important in understanding both ways. Mindfulness is awareness of something, while meditation is awareness of nothing. Mindfulness is being aware. It is seeing and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and surroundings. Mindfulness can be practiced at any time, wherever we are, with whomever we are, and whatever we do, by being fully committed to the present moment.

Whether you are sitting on the floor, in a chair, walking, stretching or lying – just bring more mindful moments and presence into your day wherever you can. Everything you do gives you the opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness and coffee

A simple daily mindfulness practice that we recommend is (carefully) drinking your morning drink – coffee, warm lemon water, or whatever is your morning drink of choice. It’s an easy way to increase awareness and mindfulness in your daily life without adding extra practices and rituals. Drinking your first cup of coffee mindfully is a way to slow down your thoughts, relax your body, and enjoy the moment. Most of us start our mornings in a rush, absorbed in all that we have to do today.

How to make everyday coffee a practice of mindfulness at the same time?

Concentrate on the experience of your coffee. Pay attention to the warmth of the drink, the rising steam. Notice how the cup fits in your hand. With each sip, pay attention to the taste, aroma and temperature of your coffee.

Then do some gentle grounding exercises, such as stretching your arms and back, wiggling your feet, or lighting your favorite incense.

If you get distracted and start to think about all you have to do today, think back to the coffee. Keep the cup close to you and focus on its smell. Feel a fresh pair of coffee on your face. Take another sip. Breathe. Let go of your thoughts. Enjoy the moment. Whenever you wander on your mind, go back to your coffee. Take another sip and take note of your current experience. Feel your pulse slowing down and your body waking up gently and calmly. Gratefully notice the gift you are giving yourself without starting your day in a hurry and under stress.

Practicing mindfulness, even for a few minutes a day, can be a subtle yet profound change. It all starts with a few brief moments of awareness. Take your meditations with you wherever you go and whatever you do, and notice what happens when you practice the art of being in the here and now.

You will start your day with more peace and focus.