Purify. Breathe. Relax.

Salt lamp Mars

Bring a calm and relaxing energy to your space with a beautiful Salt lamp, allowing its delicate light to balance your physical, spiritual and emotional energies.


Himalayan Salt lamp鈥攂enefits and properties

Our Himalayan salt lamps are made of rare Himalayan salt. Each lamp is hand-carved from a solid blocks of pure crystal salt by local craftsmen at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. Due to the natural variation in mineral content, shades of pink may vary slightly.

Electrical devices which we use daily are sources of harmful positive ions, i.e. electrosmog. Excessive electromagnetic radiation causes deterioration of indoor air quality and can have negative effects on health. Salt lamps are natural ionizers, which means they change the electrical charge of the circulating air. They purify the air by absorbing moisture, filter dust and mold from the indoor air.

What are some of the Himalayan Salt lamp benefits? Salt lamps produce soft, warm orange light, which is known to help with stress, relaxation, and has a calming effect. Each lamp is ready for use and comes with an electric wire and a bulb.

Artificial lighting and Himalayan Salt lamp benefits

In the past, the sun was the main source of light, and people spent their evenings in relative darkness. Now we spend most of the day in well-lit offices, afternoons in shops and shopping malls, and evenings in bright-lighted houses. In addition, we are exposed to blue light emitted by electrical devices that we use at every step.

Artificial light consists of visible light as well as some ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays. Light emission levels can be harmful to health and disrupt the human biological clock and the endocrine system. Ultraviolet and blue radiation have the greatest harmful potential. It suffers from our sleep and increasing difficulty falling asleep. Exposure to light also stops the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms.

So give up bright, intense light in your home. Instead, use dim, warm light bulbs and bedside lamps, such as a selenite crystal lamp or a salt lamp and enjoy the benefits of natural lighting. Red light has the least ability to suppress melatonin and change the circadian rhythm, which makes it the safest for our health. Our lamps produce a soft light that helps to de-stress, has a calming and relaxing effect, while creating a unique atmosphere.

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Weight 5 kg

Purify. Breathe. Relax.



PL: Pochodzenie

Lampy solne s膮 r臋cznie rze藕bione z kryszta艂贸w soli w Himalajach w Pakistanie, znanym z najlepszej jako艣ci soli.

PL: Wymiary

Przybli偶ony wymiar to 15x15cm
Lampy solne s膮 naturalnymi minera艂ami, co sprawia, 偶e ka偶da z nich wyst臋puje w wyj膮tkowym kszta艂cie, a ich odcienie mog膮 nieznacznie si臋 r贸偶ni膰.

EN: Origin

Salt lamps are hand carved from salt crystals in the Himalayas in Pakistan, known for the best quality salt.

EN: Dimensions

The approximate size is 15x15cm
Salt lamps are natural minerals, which means that each of them has a unique shape, and shades of pink may vary slightly.

PL: Jak pakujemy

Nasze etykiety i opakowania

Etykiety, w kt贸re owini臋te s膮 nasze kadzid艂a, naklejka na pude艂ku oraz kartka z podzi臋kowaniem wewn膮trz paczki wykonane s膮 z ekologicznego papieru wykonanego z odpad贸w rolno-przemys艂owych. Papier, kt贸rego u偶ywamy powstaje poprzez zast膮pienie do 15% pulpy z drzewa pozosta艂o艣ciami organicznej kukurydzy, dzi臋ki czemu uzyskuje sw贸j kolor. Nasz papier jest certyfikowany przez FSC, wolny od GMO, w pe艂ni kompostowalny, nadaj膮cy si臋 do recyklingu, biodegradowalny, zawiera 40% pou偶ytkowych odpad贸w z recyklingu i jest produkowany z EKOenergy, co skutkuje 20% redukcj膮 艣ladu w臋glowego.

Ca艂y proces tworzenia papieru odbywa si臋 w Rossano Veneto niedaleko Wenecji we W艂oszech. Pozosta艂o艣ci organiczne s膮 przetwarzane z przetworzon膮 pulp膮, z wykorzystaniem w艂asnej energii elektrycznej producenta. Ceramiczne podstawki oraz lampy solne pakowane s膮 w wysokiej jako艣ci lniane woreczki, kt贸re mo偶na ponownie wykorzysta膰.

Nasze pude艂ka

Nasze pude艂ka wysy艂kowe posiadaj膮 certyfikat FSC i w 70% sk艂adaj膮 si臋 z materia艂贸w z recyklingu. Przestrzeganie wytycznych FSC umo偶liwia pozyskiwanie drewna przy jednoczesnym zachowaniu 偶ywotno艣ci las贸w oraz ich bogactw biologicznych. System FSC jest obecnie uznawany za jeden z najbardziej wiarygodnych w艣r贸d istniej膮cych na 艣wiecie system贸w certyfikacji zasob贸w le艣nych, Jako jedyny popierany jest przez g艂贸wne organizacje ekologiczne. Nasze pude艂ka w pe艂ni nadaj膮 si臋 do recyklingu.

Wype艂nienie paczki stanowi papier – ekologiczny, nadaj膮cy si臋 do recyklingu, wykonany z czystych, naturalnych w艂贸kien papierowych.

Biodegradowalne foliopaki

By chroni膰 Wasze paczki w transporcie, pude艂ka pakowane s膮 w ekologiczne foliopaki. Foliopak wykonany jest z folii LD PE oraz HD PE, z certyfikowanym dodatkiem d2w.

D2w to dodatek, kt贸ry zawiera mieszank臋 soli, dodawan膮 do surowego plastiku podczas procesu produkcyjnego. W obecno艣ci tlenu ten dodatek degraduje i biodegraduje tworzywo sztuczne. Oxo-bio plastik nie wymaga 艣wiat艂a s艂onecznego ani niczego innego ni偶 obecno艣膰 tlenu do degradacji. Po ca艂kowitym rozk艂adzie materia艂 przestaje by膰 tworzywem sztucznym i staje si臋 藕r贸d艂em po偶ywienia dla drobnoustroj贸w – po zako艅czeniu procesu pozostaj膮 woda, dwutlenek w臋gla i biomasa.

EN: Our packaging

How do we label & pack our products?

What you find on our products, inside and on our boxes is an eco-friendly paper made with agro-industrial waste.

To create our product labels, thank you cards, and box stickers we use an eco-friendly paper, which is made by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic corn, which is how the colour is achieved. Our paper is FSC certified, GMO free, compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint.

The whole process of creating the paper takes place at Rossano Veneto plant near Venice, Italy. The organic residues are processed with recycled pulp, using the producer鈥檚 very own electricity from an hydroelectric plant.

Ceramic incense burners and salt lamps are packed in reusable, high quality linen bags.

Our shipping boxes

Our shipping boxes are FSC certified and are 70% recycled. Compliance with FSC guidelines enables timber harvesting while maintaining the viability of forests and their biological richness. The FSC system is currently recognized as one of the most reliable among the existing forest resource certification systems. It is the only system supported by major ecological organizations. The boxes are fully recyclable.

The packages are filled with paper – eco-friendly, recyclable, made of pure, natural paper fibers.

Biodegradable mailers

To protect your packages during transport, the boxes are packaged in ecological mailers. The mailers are made of LD PE and HD PE foils, with the addition of certified d2w.

D2w is an additive which contains a mixture of salts that is added to raw plastic during the manufacturing process. Providing oxygen is present, this additive will degrade and biodegrade the plastic if it escapes into the open environment or into general waste. Oxo-bio plastic does not require sunlight or anything other than the presence of oxygen to degrade. Once it does, the material effectively ceases to be plastic and becomes a food source for microbes – when the process is complete, water, carbon dioxide, and biomass are all that remain.

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