4 steps to mindful holidays

Christmas is about family, friends, food and all the fun they all bring. But it can also cause a lot of stress & anxiety. Here’s what to do to stay mindful during your holidays.

1. Breathwork

Breathwork is simply breathing with awareness. Start by placing your left hand on your abdomen and your right hand on your heart. Breathe slowly and pay attention to your breath without changing anything about it. Breathe in and out and repeat the process a couple of times.

2. Meditation

Meditation is training of the mind, just like workouts train the body. And similar to being active physically, even just a few minutes a day can make a big difference.

Mindfulness meditation isn’t about letting your thoughts be. But it also isn’t about trying to empty your mind altogether. Instead, it involves paying close attention to the present moment, whatever it is. The intention is not to get involved with the thoughts and not to judge them, but simply to be aware of them as they come up.

3. Mindfulness

Best holiday advice? Be present and let go of expectations. 

Christmas is a busy time with a lot of expectations around it. Adding family gatherings to the mix, it can become a stressful period. Choose to be present and grounded, and let go of your expectations of what your holidays should look like.

4. Gratitude

Spend some time during the holidays writing down what you’re grateful for. Researchers agree that the key to a happy, fulfilled life is to appreciate what you already have. Focus on the positive, and your mood quickly improves. Spend a couple of minutes each day reflecting on the positive things that happened to you.





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