Energy: what is it?

We often mention working with energy, bad or good vibrations, or rituals for cleansing yourself or your surroundings of bad energy. But what does this actually mean? What is energy?

You don’t have to be a tarot reader or practice reiki to be under the influence of energy. Certainly, you have come into a room and felt a heavy atmosphere. However, sometimes it is just the opposite. You meet someone you don’t know and you feel a good vibe from them. What is it? It’s energy!

energy is everything

Everything emits energy. Objects, animals, plants, interiors and of course people. Sometimes the perception of what is good and what is bad energy is subjective. It is worth listening to your gut and not relying on definitions, but rather allowing yourself to focus on your own intuition. It is good to ask yourself – what kind of person, place or situation arouses emotions in me? The Latin derivative of the word emotion “emotere” literally means energy in motion.

energetic cleansing

Pay attention to your feelings. You may want to energetically cleanse yourself after meeting a large group of people, when you feel that the auras of too many people have mixed. Sometimes meeting with even one person is enough to feel completely drained. Grumpy people or people with a victim mentality, complaining about their fate or constantly criticising others can effectively bring your down. In all these situations cleansing energy would be a great things to do. We also recommend smudging before proceeding with rituals or meditation or yoga practice. Trust yourself and rely on your internal guidance.

how to get rid of bad energy

There are several ways that will help you get rid of negative energy. Use them depending on your needs and circumstances.

Salt is said to be grounding. In emotionally difficult situations, it is worth allowing yourself to rest and soak your feet in water with salt or even better prepare a salt bath for yourself. You could add Epsom salt or Himalayan salt with your favorite essential oils. It will soothe your senses and emotions.

In cleansing your personal space, it is also important to get rid of accumulated junk regularly. Other people’s things, broken things, photos of ex-partners, dried flowers, etc. A well-organized space where there are no unnecessary things guarantees a better energy flow. Sometimes it’s not about decluttering at all. Sometimes we have just returned from a trip, one of the household members was ill, or an unpleasant exchange of opinions took place at home, and the energy just feels off – that is when you want to smudge your house and bring the energy to a balance. The most common choice is White Sage, but we also recommend Dragon’s blood or Palo Santo.

cultivating good vibrations

In addition to cleansing yourself of bad energy, it is of course also worth inviting the good, nourishing vibrations that make us feel better. Here are some proven ways:

Practice gratitude. Write down at least three things that you feel grateful for everyday. Focus on emotions and let yourself feel joy.

Eat fresh foods. We are talking about both fruit and vegetables, as well as carefully prepared meals. Avoid processed foods, try not to eat canned or frozen foods. Both Ayurveda and TCM teach that such food is devoid of subtle life energy.

Fresh flowers at home are always a great idea to bring positive vibes to your space.

Maintain close, caring relationships with people who care for you, uplift & support you.

Meditate or practice mindfulness techniques.

Be in the nature often. It can be both a walk in a city park, and a trip to the mountains or a river. Nature heals us and charges us energetically. It is also worth trying grounding, i.e. walking barefoot on the grass or sand.

Surround yourself with beautiful objects. These can be crystals and semi-precious stones, beautiful ceramics, art albums, or clothes that you love. Let your everyday life inspire you.

Let the good energy flow.

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