Creating a sacred space for your practice

A place for meditation, a sacred space, an altar – some of these names may be associated with religious worship, but this does not have to be the case. Today, we want to present you the advantages of separating a special room or, much easier – space in a room, which will support your yoga, meditation or mindfulness practice.

Creating such a space will facilitate the practice of rituals and help you stay on track with your practice, as it creates and inviting environment. We do not mean a comfortable meditation pillow, a special rug, or anything related to a specific spiritual path or meditation practice. As a brand focusing on rituals, we approach the issue from the side of creating rituals and all we mean a corner or space where you will focus and connect with your intention (leaving the choice of the seat or the necessary accessories to you).

Here is our brief instruction on how to create such a space at home:

choose the right place

Few of us have the luxury of having a separate room for yoga and meditation, although if you live in a bigger house, maybe there is a chance to arrange a small space for this purpose. However, a place for contemplation does not have to be a room – a shelf, a window sill, or a small table is enough.

clean space

Clean all items from the selected place, wipe the surface from dust, but also take care of the energy. To cleanse the space at an energetic level, choose a copal incense stick and smudge the area. Copal smudging is one of the oldest methods of energetic purification of space as well as crystals (you may want to put them in this special place). Energetically, copal helps open up at a spiritual level, raises intuition and creates positive energy that promotes development, so it is ideal for rituals related to your sacred space.

choose your intention

Is this place meant for a daily meditation? Or maybe you would like to work here with manifestations of specific desires? Maybe you want to say goodbye to a person who is no longer a part of your life, friendship or relationship that is just ending, or is it a space for moon rituals? The next step will depend on the choice of intention.

depending on the purpose of your sacred space, fill it with the objects that will best serve you

A few hints about what it could be:

  • crystals or stones
  • favorite incense
  • a picture of an animal of power or patron whose features you want to refer to
  • a map of dreams or notes with intentions on which you want to focus
  • cards
  • letters that need to be written but which you do not want to send to the addressee
  • fresh flowers or herbs
  • fire element: helps you focus on your task. It can be a special ritual candle
  • element of water – often found in the form of e.g. a bowl of water in which flower petals are put. Water represents itself as an element as well as female energy. You can also use shells instead.
  • the earth element: crystals, stones or plants
  • you can recall the air element with smoke – incense will be useful here

other ideas

Choose and arrange objects intuitively. You may want to choose a very minimalist altar. Some of our friends take them with them wherever they go. A piece of material marks the space, take your favourite crystal, a few personal pieces and incense to create this strong, personal and intimate space wherever you are.

Regardless of anything we advise, remember that better than trusting instructions is to trust yourself and rely on your internal guidance. It is only you that your sacred space should resonate with. Sometimes it is enough to light a candle and think for a moment about what’s on your mind, or perhaps in your heart. It is important to remember that even the most beautiful corner will not help if we avoid to commit to a practice.