About Purnama Rituals

Ancient rituals for modern minds

Shaped by various philosophies, research, and our own experiences, we bring to life mindful offerings, spiritual content and aspire to cultivate growth-centered rituals.

We believe simple rituals can create sacred experiences.
We strive to cultivate a more connected and soul-centered way of life through mindfulness, self-growth and continuous practice.

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam
From the completeness comes the completeness

The mantra which describes the eternal nature and complete state of the universe. It explains the self-sustaining nature of the cosmos, the completeness of the universe. Purnama in Bahasa Indonesian means full moon, infinity, and perfection. Purnama Rituals is an act of appreciation of nature, moon phases and rituals associated with them, but also the perfection of nature in itself.