New products in our store: Copal incense & Himalayan Salt lamp

Mexican Copal

Copal comes from the Burseraceae family, which is considered a medicinal tree for the Mayans in southern Mexico. The plant comes from its natural habitats in Mexico, and is harvested by hand, without affecting its natural environment.

Already in ancient times, this plant was considered sacred to the inhabitants of Mexico, as well as South and Central America, going back even to the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The word ‘copal’ comes from the word ‘copalli’, which means ‘incense’ in Nahuatl language.

Energetically, this incense helps open up at the spiritual level, increasing intuition and creating positive energy conducive to self-development. It stimulates the imagination, intuition and creativity.

A Copal smudge is also a great tool to use during meditation – it helps to achieve balance and peace while removing energy blockages from the body. It is connected to the crown chakra, deepening consciousness and encouraging clear thinking.

It has a clean, light, woody fragrance with a distinct citrus note, and is considered soothing and calming.

Himalayan Salt lamp in Milky White

Our Himalayan salt lamps are made of rare Himalayan salt. Each lamp is hand-carved from a solid blocks of pure crystal salt by local craftsmen at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. Due to the natural variation in mineral content, shades of white may vary slightly.

Electrical devices which we use daily are sources of harmful positive ions, i.e. electrosmog. Excessive electromagnetic radiation causes deterioration of indoor air quality and can have negative effects on health. Salt lamps are natural ionizers, which means they change the electrical charge of the circulating air. They purify the air by absorbing moisture, filter dust and mold from the indoor air.

Salt lamps produce soft, warm orange light, which is known to help with stress, relaxation, and has a calming effect.

Each lamp is ready for use and comes with a white electric wire and a bulb. With the lamp comes a linen bag with the Purnama Rituals logo.

Ancient rituals for modern minds

Use your salt lamp to support your journey of mindfulness, meditation or yoga and create your ritual. Rituals reduce the level of anxiety and stress and help achieve a state of balance, greater awareness and better self-awareness.

Smudging, otherwise known as burning incense, is a purifying ritual which has been practised for centuries, and is used to protect and remove negative energy from your space. This includes past trauma, bad experiences, and the negative energies of other people. Smudging is a mindfulness practice that brings awareness by increasing your spirituality and introducing balance.

Enrich your space through exploring rituals.

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