Energy cleansing: how to smudge your space to get rid of negative energy

It’s hard not to notice when bad vibrations are present in your home, as toxic energy accumulated from arguments or diseases can be felt in your space. Your home can be clean and organized, but still have a bad feel to it. A clean and energetic home should be light, fresh and inviting when you enter it – and getting rid of negative energy can become a frequent practice or a daily ritual.

Where to start?

A clean house will always have way better energy than one that is cluttered and full of unused items. Among all our daily duties and stressful situations, we need a quiet oasis where we can rest, feel safe and relax – this is what our home should be to us.

How to deal with bad energy in your home?

It’s best to start with cleaning. Overall, a messy, unorganized space can have a very negative impact on us and the way we feel in our surroundings, as cluttered spaces do not generally affect us in a good way.

Cleansing ritual

Negative energy is created through negative emotions we feel every day, caused not only by us and our thoughts and feelings, but also our interactions with other, situations we face during our day, and more. When we do not feel good in our own home, or feel like somehting is off energetically, then it is worth to try out a ritual of cleansing your home with medicinal smoke, otherwise known as smudging. This can be done using Sage, Palo Santo, or any other incense.

What do you need?

  • White Sage or Sage with Dragon Blood (which enhances the effect of Sage)
  • A candle or matches
  • A dish to place the incense, preferably ceramic
  • Incense of your choice, depending on your intentions

Energy cleansing – how?

Before starting the ritual, it is good to organize the space, so that the mess does not introduce unnecessary energetic chaos. To smudge your space, start at the front door with Sage or other herb you will be using. Think about the energy you want to surround yourself with and what you want to create and cultivate in your space, what is important to you, what space you want to create.

Start by smudging yourself, starting from the ground to your head, on the sides, front and back of your body. Then slowly move around the house with smoking sage, entering each room. Move clockwise, making sure that smoke reaches all corners, because it is there that negative energy often accumulates.

After smudging, open windows and doors so that energy can escape through the windows along with the smoke. Although after cleaning the sage does not have to burn to the end, you can leave the smoldering smudge on a dish in the center of the house so that it burns to the end. 

Charge your space with positive energy

Do remember that sage cleanses negative energy, leaving an energetically empty space. Therefore, it is good to recharge the room immediately after cleaning. In traditional rituals, Sweetgrass is often used immediately after sage cleansing. Sweetgrass, or sacred grass that raises awareness and attracts positive energy, is a sacred plant throughout North America and is often considered a manifestation of goodness and contentment of spirits.

To charge the space with positive energy, you can use any incense, e.g. depending on the intention we choose – harmonizing Palo Santo energy, energizing and stimulating Pine, protective Eucalyptus or healing Yerba Santa.

If you are looking for a pre-made set, our recommendation is the Urban Shaman set. The set includes: Sage for cleansing from energy, harmonizing and healing sticks of Palo Santo, supporting clarity of mind and soothing nerves of Pine, as well as raising awareness and attracting positive energy of Sweetgrass, together with a beautiful hand-made ceramic hand burner.

Each herb has its own energy and properties, use them according to your needs and what you feel will best serve you.
Also remember that the above only describes our tips based on traditional incense methods – there is no right or wrong way. Any way that feels right to you – will be the right practice.

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