The summer solstice – celebrating the energy of the sun.

The summer solstice invites us to celebrate the abundance of earth and sun. It is time to express gratitude for the life-giving food of the sun and for all that it manifests. This is the moment to honor the light, the sun, and the beginning of a new cycle. From now on, the hours of sunshine will decrease each day, reconnecting us with the inner world. Today we encourage you to celebrate the summer solstice with the ritual of smudging, i.e. energetic cleaning of space.

The Winter Solstice is the time to turn inward and give yourself room for self-reflection. The summer solstice, on the other hand, emphasizes the joy, abundance and connection of all living things. It marks the time when Mother Earth is in full strength, fertility and abundance, encouraging us to celebrate and be more active.

Summer solstice and rituals

It has always been seen as an important day of the year and celebrated with various rituals. It is the pinnacle of extroverted attention and the beginning of growing self-awareness and introspection, it represents the transition from action to nutrition and renewal, which is exactly what the sun gives us during the long summer days. The first day of summer is also a good time to calibrate your home energy and get rid of negative vibrations with a cleansing ritual. This time invites you to a ceremony in honor of the earth, femininity and yin power. This is the perfect time to combine our inner desires with our external motivations, to combine yin energy (tender, sensitive) with our highest expression of yang energy (courage and action).

Many cultures over the centuries have celebrated solstices – ancient Egypt and the Aztec civilization of Mexico, Indians, indigenous Europeans. The Chinese commemorate this day by worshiping Li, the Chinese goddess of light. Throughout history, with so much light shining upon the Earth that day, it has been known to be one of the most powerful days of the year for spiritual growth and healing. Rituals and ceremonies are a way to honor Mother Earth, who constantly gives us her incredible generosity, and the warmth of the Sun, which gives the light necessary for all living beings to live and develop.

We offer you some rituals that you can practice during the summer and summer solstice:

The summer solstice and smudging, i.e. cleansing the space

Smudging is an ancient practice of smoking dried bundles of herbs for purification, rooted in Native American traditions. Shamans smoked sage to cleanse themselves and their space of negative emotions and attract healing, wisdom and longevity. You can find out everything about white sage and its properties here.

Most of the purifying rituals of indigenous cultures use mainly white sage and sweetgrass for smudging. Sage is a feminine herb that removes anger and bad energy. It also offers strength, wisdom, and clarity on the way to your goal. Sweetgrass is a sage balancing herb with masculine energy that calls for kindness and love. Traditionally, the space is first incensed with sage to get rid of negative energy, and then positive vibes are invited using sweetgrass or another herb (we also recommend Palo Santo).

To support summer rituals, we recommend the Floral set (containing, among others, sage and sweetgrass) and the sunny Sunseeker set (containing sage with dried dandelion flowers and Palo Santo). Flowers symbolizing the summer solstice are brightly colored flowers, especially yellow, reflecting the power and color of the sun.

Floral set is a cleansing set that embodies the energy of spring, symbolizes awakening and blooming. Combined with the energetic properties of white sage, dried flowers promote love and beauty while effectively cleansing your space.

Sunseeker set is a energizing set embodying the energy of the sun and summer. Combined with the properties of white sage, dried flowers promote energy and optimism while cleansing the space, while Palo Santo removes negative energy, calms emotions and harmonizes the mind, giving space for new beginnings. You can learn more about smudging and how to cleanse correctly here.

Ritual with the use of crystals

The first day of summer is also a good time to work with crystals. The time has come to let go of what no longer serves you, to move towards what nourishes your soul. Honor the energy of this special event with a summer solstice ritual with crystals. Working with solar plexus chakra stones, such as citrine, calcite, or yellow aventurine, can be especially effective.

Summer solstice as an invitation to meditation in the sun

The sun is at its strongest at the summer solstice, it is energizing and intense. Meditation is a great tool to use on this energetic day. Find a moment for yourself, give yourself time to focus, be present, be in the here and now. You can also try the Sun gazing technique, or meditation on looking at the sun. As the name suggests, sun gazing is a form of meditation that involves looking directly at the sun. Most often it is practiced during sunrise and sunset, when the sun is not so intense, in order to connect with its powerful energy. The practice of meditation is perfectly complemented by smudging with your favorite herb. Not sure which one to choose? See our Incense 101 post to learn more about natural incense and its properties.

Observing (and journaling) your emotions – the ritual of self-discovery

The beginning of summer encourages people to be more active. When you are out and about to experience its fullness, take the time to check-in with yourself as well. How to do it? Watch what you feel and what you need. Take a moment to be quiet and focused, talking to yourself. It is also a good opportunity to journal and write down your feelings, emotions, thoughts or needs. After all, any spiritual practice is a way to strengthen a connection that starts from within.

Spending time in nature

A garden, a park, a forest, and maybe even a botanical garden? Spend as much time as possible in nature and use its powers. The temperature favors direct contact with nature – we are lighter in clothes, the day lasts longer and the evening does not come before we leave the office. Whether it is when we are leaving or returning home from work, we can choose greener and calmer places. To focus on the senses again and receive the stimuli sent to us by nature. Intense scents of flowers, wind noise, the texture of the earth … The saturation of the senses in such conditions comes completely naturally.

We encourage you to celebrate the summer solstice and create your own unique rituals.