Mindfulness rituals: smudging (the what and the how)

What we stand for & why we’re here

What we aspire to do by creating Purnama Rituals, is to encourage you to take care of yourself on a deeper level, take time out of your busy day for self-care, and live a more mindful life. Our mantra is Om Purnamadah Purnamidam – ‘From the completeness comes the completeness.’

All you need is already within you. All that is missing are tools to help you get to that deeper place.

Ancient rituals for modern minds

The first ritual we’re offering is Smudging. It is a powerful purifying ritual, aimed at protection & allowing positive energy to enter your surroundings.

Smudging is used to remove negative energy from yourself and your space. This includes past traumas, bad experiences, and negative energies from other people. Smudging is a mindfulness practice which brings awareness and clarity as it increases your spirituality.

What’s the right way to smudge?

The true answer is – there is no right or wrong way. Whatever way feels right to you is what you should do. Below are some guidelines you may find useful.

You can smudge before or during a spiritual practice such as meditation, breathwork or yoga, or when the energy just doesn’t feel right. Smudging helps to increase your awareness, spirituality and is a mindfulness practice allowing you to stay focused and intentional. You can set intentions when smudging, but it’s not necessary. How often you do it is up to you and your needs.

What to use for smudging?

Primarily, dried herbs.

Below is a useful list of tools you can use and how they will best serve you and your needs.

White sage
Sage is the most common, versatile and one of the most effective & aggressively cleansing smudging herbs. It is used for cleansing, healing, bringing balance and protection. A tool to deepen a meditation or yoga practice, removing low energies and vibrations from the environment.

Palo santo
Burning Palo Santo is also great for healing of the physical body, and can be used to clear a home of energies associated with illness. Its benefits include relieving the symptoms of colds, headaches, inflammation, emotional trauma, stress, asthma and arthritis.

Dragon’s Blood
Dragon’s Blood is a bright red resin harvested from different plant species. Traditionally used for healing, protection, and banishing negative energies. It is believed that adding Dragon’s Blood to any other herb will enhance its’ effects. It is extremely rich and is often used to create a calming mood in a space.

Yerba Santa
Yerba Santa is burned to increase psychic abilities, raise consciousness, and bring healing and protection. It also helps support self-care and self-love, purification, growth, empowerment, and the release of emotional pain.

Sage & Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus clears negative or stagnant energy, improves physical health and strengthens the immune system. It is used to purify a room or house of negative energy, especially after disagreements, when the unwanted energy has accumulated.

Burners for smudgingThis ceramic incense holder is designed to beautify your space while being a practical dish for burning incense.

Each burner is handmade, artisanal and produced with the best quality natural clay, oxide and glaze. Use the burner for your smudging ritual or as unique homeware.

Why do it at all?

Creating rituals reduces anxiety and stress levels.

The repetitive nature of having a ritual is a tool that helps the mind, body, and emotions relax and yet be mindful and aware. Cultivating a ritual of smudging will help you establish a more relaxed state and a positive, calm environment.

Protect yourself and your space with this powerful purifying ritual, allowing positive energy to enter your surroundings.

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