Calming practices for a self-care evening

The quality of the morning depends on the quality of your sleep the night before. The way we sleep depends, among others, on how we deal with stress, our predispositions and the evening routine we follow. Today, we want to share with you our experience regarding beautiful, calm evenings.

a light dinner

Folk wisdom says that you should eat your breakfast by yourself, share your lunch with a friend, and give dinner to your enemy. Although we do not want to encourage you to give up evening meals, we opt for eating lighter meals and eating them relatively early – meaning a minimum of three hours before bedtime. Night snacking or overeating, not only hinders a restful sleep, but also forces your body to focus on digestion instead of regenerating itself like it’s meant to do. If you experience nightmares or unusually intense dreams, make sure that the reason is not that you eat heavy meals just before bedtime.

airplane mode

Airplane mode changes everything. It is the isolation from stimuli after 18 (if it is feasible for you) that creates space for calmness and intentional actions. It’s easy to loose yourself in the depths of social media, news or gossip. If airplane mode is too much, disconnect yourself from the internet. If you live with loved ones, you will soon see how this habit changes your relationships. Evening is a great time for attentive conversations, hugs and closeness. And if you live alone, you will also benefit. Time devoted to you is a time to build a better relationships with yourself too.

to-do list

Some of us are unable to relax because our minds constantly remind us of things to do, things that have gone wrong, and things that we need to remember and keep in mind. The process of writing to-do lists for the next day is great when you want to calm your mind and ensure that you won’t forget what’s on your mind. Write it down & let it go.


Another practice that we recommend is meditation. Meditation will help those who are overwhelmed by excess thoughts. You can practice meditation, focusing on sensations flowing from the body, or conscious breathing. There are a lot of meditation techniques and you can choose the ones that work best for you on a given day. Body scans or guided meditations that allow you to relax not only the head, but also the muscles can be very relaxing and a good way to end the day.


We love to burn some beautifully scented incense in the evening and allow it to fill our space. We also do it before meditation or an evening yoga practice. Calm movements, favourite scents and a moment of focus – that’s what smudging offers. In the evening, we recommend Yerba Santa, which helps to cultivate self-care and love, purification, self-confidence and self-control.

reducing blue light

It is best to start slowing down around 6pm. At this time, important and urgent matters that require haste and generate stress should no longer prevail. At 8 PM the latest, try to change the type of lighting in your home. This means both turning off tablets, smartphones and TVs that emit blue light, as well as turning off the sharp, bright light in your home. The evenings are conducive to warm lighting, which gives respite to the sympathetic nervous system. Melatonin – a hormone that is produced by our bodies under the influence of darkness, sends a signal that it is time to go to sleep. Thanks to it, the body rejuvenates and regenerates, because melatonin affects us like an antioxidant. You can achieve a stunning, soft & warm light by using salt lamps. Salt lamps ionize the air and promote stress relief and relaxation, so they will be the perfect choice for your or your child’s bedroom.


Evening is the perfect time to practice gratitude. Lying in bed, remember the course of the day and try to think about 3-5 things which you feel grateful for. Sometimes it will be a big thing, and sometimes it will be a basic need that was met, like a roof over your head, hot water, health, a good meal. Closing the day with the practice of gratitude calms our emotions and sets us in a good mental space.

It’s worth checking which of the proposed methods will work for you. Use these inspirations to create your own evening ritual. Our experience shows that morning and evening routines help to keep balance throughout the rest of the day, no matter how dynamic or challenging it is.